Our prices

We aim to make your cooperation with us as convenient as possible, that’s why we are glad to offer you a range of methods of payment for our services:

  • to pay cash in the office;
  • through the branch of the nearest bank according to the bill;
  • payment to the credit card of Oshchadbank, Pryvatbank;
  • to pay through payment systems (Oshchadbank: “Shvydka kopiika”, “Western Union”, Moneygram, Contact, Zolota Korona etc.).

The price of notarization:

  • The price of notarization of translation – from 95 UAH for a document depending on the language of the translation;
  • The price of certification of a notarized copy – from 125 UAH for a document (up to 10 pages) and 20 UAH for every following page;
  • Presence of an accredited interpreter at the notary office – 350 UAH per hour.

Price of apostilization:

Apostilization Executing agency Time frame of apostilization Price for legal entities Price for individuals
1 Documents issued by Registry offices: certificate, extract (extract from the register) of birth, marriage, change the last name, divorce, death and etc. Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 2-3 days 160 UAH
2 Notarial, judicial and other documents: application, warrant, notarized translation and a copy, judicial decision etc. Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 1-3 days 195 UAH


160 UAH
3 Certificates: of non-conviction, of place of residence, medical form 082 etc. Ministry of External Affairs of Ukraine 2 days

5 days

1150 UAH

650 UAH

510 UAH

360 UAH

4 Educational documents: school certificate and attachment, diploma and attachment. Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
– “New brand” documents 1 day 1250 UAH
2 days 750 UAH
10 days 420 UAH
– “Old-style” documents
20 days 550 UAH
30 days 300 UAH
* Every document is considered to be a separate document.
5 Register and other documents: certificate of official registration, statistics brief, certificate from Tax Administration, licence, patent and other documents Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 2-5 days* 195 UAH 160 UAH
6 Stamp of the Ministry of Public Health for further apostilization Ministry of Public Health 1-2 days 150 UAH 200 UAH

Cost of legalization of documents:

Service of consular legalization Cost
1 Consular legalization in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 100 UAH
2 Consular legalization in the Ministry of External Affairs of Ukraine 160 UAH (for physical persons) / 195 UAH (for legal persons)
3 Stamping in the Head Administration of Justice of Ukraine in Kyiv, Kyiv region for further legalization 100 UAH
4 Stamping of the Head Administration of Justice in regions Ukraine and in Sevastopol town (except Kyiv and Kyiv region) for further legalization 100 UAH
5 Legalization in the consulate of the respective country  550 UAH/for a block of documents + consular tax

Cost of legalization abroad:

Depending on a country where the consular legalization is going to be made, the price for the service changes. To specify an exact price and terms of the completing of legalization you should present us copies or scanned copies of documents for sending a request to a respective country. Average price for legalization abroad is from 150 USD.

Cost of getting of the certificate of criminal record:

Term Cost
1 working day 350 UAH
2-3 working days 250 UAH

Obtaining the number of the payer of taxes in Ukraine:
1500 UAH / 5 working days.

Cost of getting the “Dichiarazione di valore”:

Service Agency Term Cost
1. Formation of the packet of documents and getting the Declaration (Dichiarazione di valore) Embassy of Italy in Ukraine Depends on busy schedule of the embassy 1500 UAH

Cost of nostrifying documents of education:

Service Term Cost
1 Regular nostrifying 80 working days 2 550 UAH
2 Rapid nostrifying 40 working days 3 450 UAH
3 Urgent nostrifying 5 working days At the request!