Consular legalization is a more difficult procedure, which includes document certification in the agencies of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, in the agencies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and then in the consulate of the country to which the document is directed. At that the document will have the legal power only on the territory of the country whose consular stamp the document has.

In comparison to the procedure of “Apostilization” consular legalization is a more complicated two-sided procedure.

For legalization of your documents it is necessary to make a warrant on the co-workers of our company for representing in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and also in the Embassy and Consulate of the country to which the document is directed.

How does legalization of documents occur? Stages of legalization:

The documents which pass the process of consular legalization in original:

  • originals of documents issued by Civil Registry offices certified by appropriate judicial administrations at the regional level, justice offices of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, justice offices of Kyiv and Sevastopol, and also by the central Civil Registry office of Kyiv;
  • non-conviction certificate.

Depending on the country for which the legalization is made the documents can be filed with notarized translation at once or vice versa the require double legalization: first legalization of the document and then legalization of the notarized translation.

If you would like to translate the documents on the territory of Ukraine, the translation notarized by a Ukrainian notary passes the process of certification.

If your document was issued abroad and it has not passed the procedure of consular legalization, it is necessary for you to fulfil this procedure in the country where it was issued.

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In what time frame consular legalization is carried out?

Consular legalization of documents is from 7 to 12 working days depending on the urgency of legalization.