Discovery of documents

Discovery of documents is obtaining documents in original or duplicates of documents (repeatedly) according to entries in the civil status registration books and other registration books and also databases of state agencies.

Discovery of documents may be necessary in case of loss of documents or destruction of documents, the necessity of obtaining new types of documents or documents with recent date of issue, for apostilization or legalization for going abroad and other cases.

Prices of discovery of documents:

Document Prices of discovery Time frame of discovery
Discovery of non-conviction certificate in Ministry of Internal Affairs from 250 UAH from 1 day
Discovery of documents from Registry office in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine:
– Birth Certificate
– Marriage Certificate
– Divorce Certificate
– Death Certificate
– Certificate of change of the last name
– Extracts from Civil Status Registry Books
from 150 UAH from 1 day
Discovery of documents in the countries of former USSR from 1000 UAH from 14 day
Discovery of documents abroad (USA, Great Britain, Germany and other countries including Europe)/strong> from 1000 UAH from 20 day
Discovery of duplicates of school certificates, diplomas and other educational documents from 500 UAH from 14 day
Discovery of archive transcript from an institution of higher education in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine from 150 UAH from 5 day
Discovery of judicial documents from 250 UAH from 5 day