What is the “Legalization of documents”?

The “legalization of the document” means some appointed procedures. These procedures give a legal effect to a document on the territory of other states. The purpose of the legalization of a document which was given in one country is to make it valid for providing in state agencies of another country.

The procedure of the legalization should be made only on the territory of the state where the document was issued or formalized. That is the main rule of the legalization. It means that it`s impossible to legalize documents issued by official agencies of other states (outside of Ukraine) and on the territory of Ukraine; and on the contrary.

Apostilization and legalization of documents

There are two main kinds of legalization of documents. They are the apostilization and the consular legalization. The choice of the kind of legalization in every case depends on the country, to the official agencies of which it will be directed.

We should emphasize that the legalization of the document is not required only in special cases:

  1. When the institution abroad, where you provide the document, does not require its legalization;
  2. When between Ukraine and the state, on the territory of which you use the document, a two-sided contract has been signed, which cancels the requirement of legalization;
  3. When legalization of document is impossible because of its kind / type / character.

In all other cases the legalization of all documents directed abroad is obligatory.

Which agencies in Ukraine have rights of the apostilization of documents?

  • Ministry of Justice of Ukraine – documents from notary agencies, judicial agencies and justice agencies;
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine – documents of education;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine – other documents.

What is the “Apostilization”?

“Apostilization” (sometimes it is called the “simplified legalization”) is the procedure which should be made before presentation the document in countries joined to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, which cancels the necessity of consular legalization and includes a procedure of the simplified legalization – the “Apostilization”. (The list of all those countries you will find on the site of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine).

This procedure is called simplified precisely because, on the one hand the apostilization is going to be made in rather short term and only by one authorized person, and on the other one the document gets it legal force on the territory of all countries joined to the Hague Convention.

What are the terms of the apostilization?

Depending on the document the Apostilization is going to be made in the term from 1 to 40 working days. Usually the procedure of preparing of documents in state agencies of Ukraine takes about 5 days.

Is it possible to make the apostilization urgently?

Our company can help you to make the apostilization in one day and to translate your documents into any language.